Here at Integrative Health we believe that looking good involves both the inside and the outside. Using the very best, high performance, ethical, clean products and lifestyle habits that really perform to help you achieve good health. This is a carefully put together list of suppliers that I love to use and fully endorse. Looking radiant and feeling good happens when we truly look after ourselves; healthy skin and hair, a fit and lithe body, balanced mood and bags of energy are the cornerstones of optimal health!

Consultations and Blood Tests

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Cytoplan supplements
A British Company, wholly owned by a charitable foundation, offering a range of exceptional supplements comprising of Food State read more… PLEASE NOTE: Please enter the following discount code at the checkout: PKINGS2020.
A family run organic micro-mushroom farm dedicated to growing the highest quality medicinal more…


De-liver-ance is an antioxidant elixir that assists natural detox and stimulates the liver’s natural process read more…


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A totally clean skincare range made from plants, scientifically developed and has the best anti-ageing products read more…


Buy Whole Foods online is an international health food supplier, based in Kent. They deliver top quality natural and organic wholefoods, and related healthy living products directly to your home or business…read more…

Online Learning

Here’s a sobering thought: About one in ten people will develop an alcohol problem during their life…read more… An alternative online video only programme to help and support you…read more…


Groundology - Earthing for Health and EMF Protection
Walking barefoot in the grass or on a beach you can truly feel the benefits of regaining a connection with the Earth…read more… What is Infrared heat and why is it good for us? To briefly explain…read more…
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