Why do we take blood?

We believe that in order to fully assess health, working collaboratively with a doctor and a nutritional therapist gives the best outcome for the patient.

Our doctors focus on the biochemistry of why you may be feeling the way you are, and what you need to support your body’s healing. Our nutritional therapist will support the science and focus on how you and your food and lifestyle choices can be transformed to support healing.

After each blood test we provide a full report from our team of medical experts who interpret your results and provide information and advice specifically tailored to you.

Phlebotomy Clinics

Please complete the contact form for further details or call us.

Our services include Venepuncture with standard Holder, Butterfly with Holder and also assistance with capillary finger prick collections.

If you prefer to collect blood yourself via finger prick, we can send kits to you with a prepaid envelope to send to one of our labs. Not all tests are suitable for this method, please enquire.

The procedure for arranging a private blood test with us is as follows:

Doctor, nutritionist or other clinician determines a blood test is required, completes, creates or requests a requisition form. We arrange for the test to be sent to you for a self administered collection (finger prick), arrange a phlebotomist kit to be sent to you, if you have access to someone to perform a blood draw, or we arrange for you to come to our clinic  (£55 approx additional charge and a centrifuge spoon is £35 mileage is calculated at 45p per mile if we do a home visit, this needs to be booked on the phone 07926040118).

Once the sample is taken its either delivered to local lab by the phlebotomist/nurse, or prepared by you for posting or courier collection. The blood testing kits all include special delivery prepaid packaging if you we are arranging a blood draw outside of our clinic.

Our clinic contacts you with results and report and next steps.

Useful Tips:

If you are cold your veins will be more difficult to find. Making sure you keep warm prior to your blood test will help to speed up the procedure.

Please ensure you are properly hydrated, drinking 1.5-2 litres of water the day before and drinking more water the day of your test.

A fasting blood test means nothing to eat or drink, other than water, for 12 hours prior to the test and no alcohol for 24 hours before the test, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

Please go to our pricing page for full list of tests available, your clinician will recommend which test you need but you can request additional tests.

Each of the laboratories have achieved UKAS 15189 accreditation, which means they reach the very highest standards with each biomarker validated for accuracy and repeatability; the same standard as laboratories used by the NHS. It’s a quality assurance mark which means the results you receive are as accurate as those you would expect from your regular GP.

We use a tracking system that ensures your individual samples, results and information are monitored and kept secure so that only you and our team of doctors and scientists have access.

Our labs follow guidelines set out by the Royal College of Pathologists using international standards for the transfer of clinical data. When your data reaches the lab, it’s encrypted and stored on ISO 27001 accredited servers based in the UK.