What is Liposomal Vitamin C? How can it slow down Ageing and support our Immune Health?

The role of Vitamin C, besides being a cofactor in various biochemical reactions, is a powerful antioxidant, a process that minimizes the damage caused by oxidation; which increases inflammation and the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases.

Vitamin C protects us against toxins that cause oxidation; from cigarettes, recreational and prescription drugs, alcohol, air pollution, and inflammation attributed to poor diets: low in nutrients, and high in trans fats, sugar and refined carbohydrates. Your immune system is also negatively impacted by toxins produced by viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Vitamin C can reduce tiredness, increase iron absorption, promote cartilage, blood vessels, bones and nervous system health. It also synthesises the most prevalent protein in the human body: collagen. (Collagen acts as the scaffolding that holds up the skin, preventing wrinkles & sagging, and also supports the proteins responsible for hair & nail growth).

Most mammals can produce Vitamin C, however as humans we no longer can, as we’re missing the enzyme L-gulonolactone oxidase (GLO) needed to do this for ourselves. We have the gene in our DNA that’s responsible to make the GLO enzyme and (by extension vitamin C), but it’s become mutated. Because of this, our liver cells can’t recognise this gene and are therefore unable to complete the final step of making vitamin C from glucose.

So, we need to consume this from our food (and or supplements) every day. Research shows the current guidelines of 45-90g daily massively underestimate our requirements for optimal health and immune support. There are numerous reports to suggest we actually need between 1000-3000g daily. (A small orange is around 50g; Vitamin C is in most fruit and veg, not limited to just citrus).

However, much of the vitamin C you take orally, either from food or supplements, isn’t absorbed by the gut, this takes a lot of energy, which isn’t always available when needed. In addition to this, as a water-soluble vitamin, there is only so much time before Vitamin C moves on to your digestive tract, once this happens it’s lost its chance to be absorbed. It is quickly distributed throughout the circulation and then eventually filtered an excreted by the kidneys.

Liposomal Vitamin C makes it easier for your cells to absorb Vitamin C. A liposome is a very tiny sphere with a membrane that is made of the same fat found in our cell membranes. This allows them to penetrate the membrane easily so that they can deliver its contents (nutrients) directly into the cells of your body.

Whenever our immune system goes into overdrive to deal with infection, it very quickly burns through all the Vitamin C we have circulating the body. Liposomal Vitamin C allows your immune system to continue to run at maximum capacity.

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